Guidelines for the Hebrew Speaking Club “There are Things to Talk about?!” Were Approved

On August 28, 2019, the Academic Council of the Tauride University in Kyiv teaching approved special guidelines for holding meetings of the All-Ukrainian project “Hebrew Speaking Club “There are Things to Talk about”.

“Hebrew Speaking Club “There are Things to Talk about” is the first Hebrew language teaching attempt to move away from the usual Israeli method of teaching this language for many years both in Israel and in the diaspora countries, where the main emphasis is on dry grammar or vocabulary clonings without the possibility of consolidating the acquired knowledge in a conversation.
This program is the first in Ukraine to work in this format and is a natural continuation of training in the Ulpan. Club meetings are held in the form of a conversation on a predetermined topic.
The project has developed unique and fascinating techniques that will help not only understand how exactly this technique differs from the standard Ulpan method, but also help the Club moderator in holding meetings and searching for interesting materials.
In a vivid and emotionally composed introduction, authored by a bachelor in Hebrew, a graduate of Kiev State Linguistic University, Ksenia Erofeeva, describes the unusual and novelty of the program, its difference from the classical teaching of this language, and also gives practical advice on creating a unique, warm atmosphere club, brings a variety of, familiar and non-standard topics for discussion at meetings, which may be equally interesting to participants with different vocabulary and different age hundred.
The second part of the publication is devoted to practical examples. The minute-by-minute plan of the Club’s meeting for the meeting, examples of tasks, topics and questions to topics for conversation are given.
In the last section, the authors provide examples of exercises, as well as Hebrew songs that can be used in meetings. Links to these practical materials located on web resources are served by the most modern method of transmitting links in print media today – using QR codes.
Also of interest are articles by moderators of Hebrew Speaking Clubs, Hebrew teachers Lyudmila Shapiro (Melitopil) and Elena Grebelnaya (Chernivtsi), in which they share their own unique experience in holding Club meetings, and give practical recommendations that will also help a novice moderator in holding meetings and finding new ones ideas.
This technique of conducting Clubs is a completely new, previously never used development, which can be recommended for use as an elective, as well as for inclusion in the main curriculum of teaching the Hebrew language in universities.
“Hebrew Speaking Club “There are Things to Talk about” has been operating since 2016.
“Hebrew Speaking Club “There are Things to Talk about” is a program of the Zionist Federation of Ukraine and Vaad of Ukraine.
Thanks to the support of the Dutch Humanitarian Fund, the World Confederation of United Zionists and the Vaad of Ukraine in 2018, it was possible to significantly expand the work of the Club.
In addition to Kyiv, Club branches were opened in Chernivtsi, Melitopil, Vinnitsa and earned the “Hebrew Speaking Club” on-line.
Over three years of work, a personal style and an original methodology for holding Club meetings have been developed. Since September 2019, it is planned to open Clubs in Lviv and Kharkiv.
Since the beginning of 2017, the Club’s moderators began work on the development of a special meeting methodology, which was approved on August 28, 2019 by the Academic Council of the Tauride University

Program manager
Executive Director of the Zionist Federation of Ukraine E. Zaslavskaya

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