The presentation of the book “Musical Address of Kyiv” has occurred

The presentation of a unique publication dedicated to the golden fund of Ukrainian culture, namely, musicians, actors, singers – to all those who directly lived in Kyiv and made their contribution to the development of not only Ukrainian, but also world culture, took place on January 26, 2019 in Kyiv in Sholom Aleichem Museum.

The idea of ​​the “Musical Address of Kyiv” originated in 1982, when Kiev celebrated its 1500th anniversary. A significant event responded in the heart of, perhaps, every citizen with a desire to serve his hometown. Materials for the book continued to be recorded until 2016.

This priceless archival treasury of the golden cultural fund of the nation has not lost its relevance today. On the contrary, it should cause a heightened interest of many caring people to the history and problems of protecting the ancient city from the destruction and the rapacious destruction of unique monuments.

Authors of the book, Vira Gorbatyuk and Alla Vyshneva, employees of the Ukrainian Radio, have collected unique material over the years. These are memories of the Tobilevic family, the dancers of the Virsky ensemble, the conductor Nathan Rahlin and many others. And all this with reference to the places where they lived and worked for many years.

A special place in the book is the story of the so-called “Nightingale house” – this is the story of the creation of the ensemble of dance to them. Virsky, the history of the choir. Ropes and no less famous bandura band around the world.

There are many unique photos in the book, as well as QR-codes on its pages for listening to music fragments right while reading.

The presentation was attended by the author of the book Visheva Alla Gaevna and the editor-compiler Alexander Dubovenko.

The release of books was made possible by a grant from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

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