“It is very and very important not to be a frayer in the business”- Rina Barbut spoke about business ethics in Israel

On June 20, another online lecture by Rina Barbut took place. This time the topic of the lecture was business ethics in Israel.

An Israeli office is very different from an office in Europe or Ukraine.

In her story, Rina referred to such topics as holding meetings, phone calls during meetings, a dress code that Israel does not really have, greetings colleagues at work and gifts that can be given, etc.

Rina also said that the topic of conversations in the workplace, such as the amount of college’s salary or political news at the Israeli office, is unacceptable.

Regarding informal meetings of colleagues in coffee shops, Rina gave examples from his own life. Her words confirmed the stereotype that the Israelis are not insecure and very open to talk, but all agreements not supported by the protocol or treaty can be considered invalid.

The service in the Israeli army occupies a huge place in the lives of every Israeli citizen – the army profile and service experience play a role in the next career, and habits of army life are often transferred to the office.

A special place in the lecture took the theme of protectionism in Israel, which exists to this day everywhere: with patronage you can get a job with the best salary, you can go up the career steps.

“An online meeting with Rina Barbut took place yesterday. I really liked the format of the meeting, and conversation with Rina. Thanks to the great Rina and the organizers of this project. I am looking forward to the next classes, “said Igal Furman, a regular listener.

Lectures by Rina Barbut are very popular in many countries around the world, they are aimed at introducing and bringing together young Jewish professionals from different countries to help them grow their profession, using insights on how modern business technology works.

Rina Barbut immigrated to Israel from Turkey in 2008. In Israel, she has advanced in her career and has worked in global companies (in positions related to business and technology) such as Eset, Nice Systems, Microsoft and others. For many years, she has been a Jewish activist and leads the educational and social activities in Turkey and Europe.

Course of lectures became possible thanks to the support of the Zionist Federation of Ukraine (ZFU) and the Speaking Hebrew Club “There are things to Talk !?”, the World Confederation of United Zionists (WZO) and “JConnect”.

You can watch the lecture by the link

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