The Third Season of the Hebrew Speaking Club is Over!

The third season of the Hebrew Speaking Club “What’s about to Talk ?!” was much more successful than the previous two.

First, young and talented Ksenia Yerofeeva, a graduate of the Hebrew group of the Linguistic University, became the moderator of the Club.

She managed to change in the radical way the principle of work, in which the Club became what it is now: and not an analogue of an ulpan, and also to create a group of permanent participants.

Selection of topics for conversation also changed. This year the participants discussed the most incredible and, moreover, vital topics, for example, “Who are vegans,” “Do you know how to say no”, “Victory and defeat in your life “And even talked about the problems of the family and the adoption of children at higher levels of language, also with a desire to speak.

All participants not only improved their conversational Hebrew, but became one small family, in which all together they laugh, and worry, and help each other.

According to the plan, the Club will continue its work in September 2019 by opening a new, fourth, season.

The Hebrew Speaking Club is supported by: the Confederation of United Zionists, the Dutch Humanitarian Fund, the Vaad of Ukraine, etc.

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