Rina Barbut Will Give an Online Lecture “How To Say No” on July, 23

With the support of the World Confederation of United Zionists, JConnect, the Zionist Federation of Ukraine (ZFU) and the Speaking Hebrew Club “There are things to talk about!” we invite you to take part in the next online lecture by Rina Barbut on July, 23 at 8:30 p.m. UTC+3 : “How to Say “No “.


Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said: “The art of leadership is to say no, “not to say yes”.

The success of an American investor, entrepreneur, philanthropist Warren Buffett came to him with the refusal of thousands of deals and saying “yes” to several profitable opportunities.

A man says “yes,” but it means “no” when: he is disappointed, despised, devoid of strength.

The latest lectures were on business ethics in Israel and negotiation, but sometimes in business relationships there is a situation when one needs to refuse, while being polite and not being offensive, but sufficiently persistent to show his confidence in his answer.


Lectures by Rina Barbut are very popular in many countries around the world. They are aimed at introducing and bringing together young professionals with Jewish roots from different countries to help them grow professionally, using the understanding of how super-modern business technology works.


Rina Barbut emigrated to Israel from Turkey in 2008. In Israel, she has advanced in her career and has worked in global companies (in positions related to business and technology) such as; Eset, Nice Systems, Microsoft and others. For many years, she has been a Jewish activist and leads the educational and social activities in Turkey and Europe.

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Language: Hebrew

Duration – 45 minutes

See you!


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