On September 21, 2019 in Lviv, the Hebrew Speaking Club “There are Things to Talk About?!” started its work

On September 21, 2019 in Lviv, the Hebrew Conversation Club “There are Things to Talk about?!” started its work.
Classes are held twice a month indoors at: str. Levitskogo, 3, apartment 6 (volunteer center of the organization Aspaklariya).
The Club in Lviv is supported by the Friendship Foundation.
The Hebrew conversational club “A Talk?” Is a natural extension of the training and does not rival him.
In addition to Kyiv, in 2018 the Club’s branches were opened in Chernivtsi, Melitopol, Vinnitsa, Lviv and Kropyvnytskyi.
For three years of work the own style and original method of conducting of meetings of the Club was developed.
This program is the first in the territory of Ukraine and is a natural continuation of training in the ulpan.
Club meetings are held in the form of a conversation on a predetermined topic.
Most of the Club’s meetings are dedicated to Jewish tradition, Jewish holidays, community events.
Intercommunication Program “Hebrew Conversation Club“ How about a talk !? »» Is aimed at bringing together all members of the Jewish community who are fluent in Hebrew at different levels and seek to consolidate their knowledge in the course of conversation on various topics.
The program also aims to unite all those who are interested not only in Hebrew, but also the Jewish tradition, the community, Israel – its history from the creation of the state to the present day. For those who want to find a new circle of communication and make new friends.
All classes are held in a friendly and playful atmosphere in accordance with the “Rules of Friendliness” – not interrupting, not roughly correcting, do not press on the less aware, etc., as the creation of a friendly environment helps to overcome the complexity in communication.
Initiator and Program Manager – Elena Zaslavska (066-4328216)
E-mail mail: hebrewclubua@gmail.com
The Club’s Facebook page in Lviv
Guidelines for the club

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